Mema Knits Stories: 1.The Beach-Sweater

This is the first story about little Yann – the «pilot-book». Yann will fly high in the summer sky....

Mema Knits Stories: 2.The Unravel-Rams

In this story you can find out how mema gets her magic wool..

Mema Knits Stories: 3.The Rainy-Weather-Sweater

Yann learns a lot of things about sheep and the colour of gray. 

Mema Knits Stories: 4. The Christmas Sweater

Yann and Mema meet Santa Claus.

It's a collection of some interactive books for children which all contain the same basic story line: Mema in Germany knits her longing for her grandson Yann in France into different sweaters for him. Every time, Yann puts on one of this sweaters and says a spell, he gets involved into exciting stories... What about un excerpt ?






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